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About Spherix® Mineral Products

Spherix® Mineral Products are 100% post-industrial recycled mineral products that reduce processing time and product cost for manufacturers of organic rubber, plastic, and silicone rubber. Our products are recycled aluminosilicate ceramic microspheres, uniquely designed to provide greater efficiency and flexibility for specific rubber and plastic applications. The aluminosilicate ceramic solid microspheres have a density of 2.3, while particle size distribution can be tailored to customer requirements.

Spherix® Mineral Products provide enhanced physical properties, increased surface smoothness, mixing and processing consistency improvements, greater control and repeatability, and greater calendering, molding, extrusion throughput.


What Spherix customers are saying

I developed a 0.3 density sponge compound that met the physical requirements, but had flow issues. By adding 8 phr of Spherix 15 to the compound, the flow improved and the sponge skin became smooth.

- Chemist, Automotive Supplier

Spherix Mineral Products helped me make a ground-breaking improvement to my compound. The compound enhancement was exactly what we were looking for to serve a specific market segment.

- Technical Manager, Silicone Elastomer Company

Cost effective product that allows for better mixing quality and extrusion consistency.

- Technical Manager, Tire Manufacturing Company

Spherix Team

Bio photo of Mike Renzi

Michael J. Renzi

Executive Director

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Bill Black

Sales Engineer

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Miles Dearth

Chief Technology Officer

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1-844-SPHERIX | 844-774-3749

Michael J. Renzi, Executive Director

Bill Black, Sales Engineer

Miles Dearth, CTO

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